You're Hired! How to Find a Job in Today's Tough Economy

When the economy is tough, only the tough job seekers come out on top! Click here to learn how to find a job even when the market is tight.

Did you know that the unemployment rate in the United States remains stable? After all, only about 3.7% of the country’s adults have no employment. That equates to about 6.1 million people.

If you don’t want to stay unemployed, you need to learn all the tricks regarding how to find a job. It isn’t about any job that can help pay the bills. It’s something that you find fulfilling as well.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best ways to find suitable employment for your skills and education level. Read on and start learning more today.

Crucial Tips and Tricks

The process of securing employment can differ. It will depend on what industry you intend to work in. But it’s becoming more evident that digital technology now plays a major role.

What it means is that technology is shaping recruitment trends. With that, most job searchers are more likely to use the internet to get hired. That’s why in this current landscape, you’ll need to know how to find a job using both digital and physical means. 

The following are some great ways to start:

1. Use Online Job Searching Platforms and Career Websites

Most people nowadays look for a job using a search engine like Google. As long as you type the right set of keywords, you’ll get the right direction. The best part is that Google has its job search platform that allows you to see postings from various companies hiring for positions you’re looking for.

Another advantage of using online searches is that you'll also encounter various platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. These are content aggregators that specialize in jobs. They’ll pull up some relevant job ads from all over the internet with the use of your search terms.

In some cases, you’ll have the means of submitting an application using the platform. Otherwise, you’ll be redirected to the hiring company’s website. Regardless, you need to update your resume and cover letter before you submit your application.

2. Try Networking and Referrals

The “hidden job market” isn’t accessible using a simple online search. These job opportunities are exclusive to people who know the right people at the right moment. In simpler terms, you can only tap into it if you know how to network with other professionals in the industry.

A lot of job opportunities aren’t available through a company’s website. Sometimes, companies will ask their employees for referrals, especially when they need to fill a certain role as soon as possible. Also, a lot of companies will recruit whenever they scout talented people that need work.

The only way to get a job through this method is to find a means of connecting with someone working in your chosen company. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a direct connection or have some mutual contacts that can connect you.

It’s important to remember that each network is a part of another network. That means it’s likely that your family, neighbors, close friends, and other acquaintances know someone. Your outreach is longer than what you think.

How to Use Your Networks Efficiently

Try making a list of all the people you have connections with. Separate them between those that might know some people in the industry or business you want. Once done, try reaching out and ask whether they can refer you to one of the company’s key stakeholder.

It’s also worth noting that you need to know your exact wants before reaching out to people. Always ask about the currently available opportunities. You can also try conducting an informational interview, allowing you to discover more about your chosen company.

3. Go to Job Fairs

These events are popular, especially for companies that want to recruit new graduates. To make the most out of these, you’ll need to do some research. Job fairs will often advertise participating companies beforehand.

Take advantage of this fact and start checking the company you’d like to try. That will let you discover their work attitude and company culture. With this information, you can customize your resume and cover letter.

To look more professional, make your business card. Make sure it includes important details like your name, email address, phone number, and your website (if applicable). If you’re looking for a creative job, make sure to bring your portfolio to show off the quality of your work.

Once you decide to attend the job fair, you’ll need to have a powerful outfit. Ensure that your clothing style is appropriate for the event. That means you need to wear something professional without compromising comfort.

4. Try the Company’s Website

If you have an ideal company in mind, you need to start visiting their websites and see whether they have advertised jobs. If you don’t see anything, try looking at their contact information. Often, you’ll find human resources information.

Reach out to their HR department and ask whether they plan to have future vacancies. Regardless of the outcome, you can still use the company’s website to identify some contacts. These can include people outside the HR department who have the authority to make hiring decisions.

For example, there might be information about the specific department you’d like to be part of. That can help your networking strategies in the long run. Making an impression to an authoritative figure within the company will often make them remember you once they start hiring people again.

Learn How to Find a Job Today!

These are some of the best tips on how to find a job. If you’re a fresh graduate with a small network of acquaintances, make sure to start attending job fairs whenever they happen. Don’t hesitate to showcase your skills and work ethic since companies will have no way of knowing otherwise.

Remember, your first impression will matter the most. If the company sees that you’re well-informed about their company values, they’ll see you as a potential asset. That’s why you need to do your research beforehand.

You can do that right here. If you want more useful tips and tricks, read more of our posts today.